Patents can be obtained on an extremely broad range of products, devices, processes, organisms, articles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, compositions, and software, as well as new uses of and improvements to any of the above.  Patents can also be obtained on the aesthetic designs of useful articles and even for certain types of plants.

Brown Patent Law can assist you in determining not only whether your invention may be patentable, but whether the resulting patent would be of any significant commercial value in the real world.  If you decide to file a patent application, we will prepare, file and prosecute the application in the US Patent Office at reasonable cost.

But there is so much more to patent law than just obtaining patents, and Brown Patent Law can help you with it all.  For example, you may need assistance in:

  • Obtaining related patents in other countries.
  • Developing a patent portfolio in the US and/or worldwide.
  • Determining whether your product or process infringes a competitor’s patent.
  • Conducting invalidity searches to determine whether your competitor’s patents may be invalid and therefore unenforceable.
  • Obtaining a reliable written non-infringement and/or invalidity opinion.
  • Finding a way to modify your product or process in order to avoid (“design around”) a competitor’s patent.
  • Making sure that you own the inventions that you have paid to develop.
  • Making sure that you retain all rights and profits to which you are entitled as an inventor, coinventor, developer, codeveloper, or investor.
  • Preventing your competitors, suppliers, customers, consultants, manufacturers, designers, employees, and others from taking your inventions and/or preventing you from obtaining a patent.